interview: »our company name says it all«

02 Oct

read the interview we gave for spanish infographics blogger Carlos Gámez Kindelán


work in progress: iPad app

02 Sep

How could a control concept for a simple infographic look like? Watch our video to see our experiments!


sort the world

23 Jul

How to sort the earth’s land mass by surface type…? Click (or tap) here to find out!


election blobs

24 Jun

Yes, these splotches represent numbers! Find out what they mean by klicking (or tapping) here.


triangular sustainability

26 Mar

see how we visualized many many values in a small poster


The Schwochow-Blickle Projection

08 Feb

a new way to show the world — by the fibonacciLAB


Flower Power!

15 Jan

read why we are here


Introducing… The Data Cane

17 Dec

You may also call it a »Slurp«


3D pie chart

17 Dec

experimenting with FIVe3D and smooth Tweener tweens…


3D bar chart

17 Dec

Another experiment with FIVe3D by Mathieu Badimon!


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